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  • Mystique Mandala Of Hell (Hino Horror #12)

    Alternative: Kaiki! Jigoku Mandara ; Mystique Mandala Of Hell
  • Author(s): Hino Hideshi
  • Genres : Horror
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 891
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    Mystique Mandala Of Hell (Hino Horror #12)0 votes : 0 / 5

Mystique Mandala Of Hell (Hino Horror #12) summary:

Mystique Mandala Of Hell (Hino Horror #12) manga summary: Mandala is the daughter of the King of Hell. Given two all-seeing crystal eyes, she is sent up into the world to save her dying clan from the invading western demons. However, she soon loses one of the crystals, and centuries later, her search is about to come to cataclysmic end. The Hino Horror series: Hino Horror Volume 1: The Red Snake (赤い蛇 Akai Hebi) Hino Horror Volume 2: The Bug Boy (毒虫小僧 Dokumushi Kozou) Hino Horror Volume 3: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell (地獄虫を食う! 鬼んぼ Jigoku Mushi Woku! Oninbo) Hino Horror Volume 4: Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell 2 Hino Horror Volume 5: The Living Corpse (死肉の男 Shiniku no Otoko) Hino Horror Volume 6: Black Cat (黒猫の眼が闇に Kuroneko no Me ga Yami ni) Hino Horror Volume 7: The Collection (M Collection) Hino Horror Volume 8: The Collection 2 Hino Horror Volume 9: Ghost School (Ghost School (HINO Hideshi)) Hino Horror Volume 10: Death's Reflection Hino Horror Volume 11: Gallery of Horrors (Kyoufu Gallery) Hino Horror Volume 12: Mystique Mandala of Hell (Kaiki! Jigoku Mandara) Hino Horror Volume 13: Zipangu Night Hino Horror Volume 14: Skin and Bone

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