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  • The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn't Paint

    Alternative: The Girl Who Died and the Painter Who Doesn’t Paint, Remain Girl, Shikabane Shoujo to Kakanai Gaka, しかばね少女と描かない画家, 死灵尸体少女与无想象的画家
  • Author(s): Chizu Kamikou
  • Genres : Romance -  Josei -  Drama -  Historical -  Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 6.49 K
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    The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn't Paint0 votes : 0 / 5

The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn't Paint summary:

The Undying Girl and The Painter Who Doesn't Paint manga summary: Everything happened after the death of a genius lady painter. The Professor, who cannot give her talent up to nothingness, planted her soul into a young girl's corpse. Youth painter Nell is then asked to teach the girl, "Lili," how to paint...... The undying girl and the shut-in youth painter; the peaceful days of these two wandering in the ravine between life and death are... Don't miss out on this tale of a little mysterious yet beautiful "soul" drawn in a stunning art style!

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