• Suicide Island

    Alternative: 自杀岛 ; 自殺島 ; Jisatsutou ; Jisatsuto; Đảo Tự Sát (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt)
  • Author(s): Mori Kouji
  • Genres : Romance -  Seinen -  Mystery -  Mature -  Tragedy -  Horror -  Psychological
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 435.7 K
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    Suicide Island1 votes : 5 / 5

Suicide Island summary:

The narrative is told in the perspective of Kokoro, two sibs and Yume, that are provided for a distant island after they are abandoned by their parents. There, they start to attend school in the place where they fulfill with four adult teachers and four orphaned or abandoned children who are the sole inhabitants of the isle, as well as whoever owns the isle. After finding a secret area and hearing rumours, the children start to imagine the grown-ups want to conceal something from from their store. They make an effort to discover while finding it, they place their lives on the line, and what it's. Characters Kokoro Suzuhara Kokoro is a-10-year old son who had been left by his parents. His parents have entrusted his attention with his younger sister Yume. Combined with the other children, he attempts to find the keys of the isle he is on out. Yume Suzuhara Kokoro's 5-year-old sister. She depends on her brother and is blind all the time. As an outcome of being blind, Yume includes a keenly developed sense of hearing, suggested at when she hears the voice of an unseen woman the other children can not hear. She's also intelligent and gifted, getting the capacity to identify individuals through their footsteps. A character using an older brother, apparent blindness, and also similar name who apparently resembles Kokoro seems in in just one of of the show, Cradle of Monsters of Sanbe; this character could possibly be in reality the same Yume. Shuichiro Fujii Shuichiro, identified as "Shu" for short, is a-10-year old boy having an IQ of 150. He grew up by one mother, an insurance saleswoman who had been driven from impoverishment into neurotic behaviour and attempted to commit a double suicide with Shuichiro by driving an automobile off a cliff. Shuichiro, having lived, came to view grown-ups as enemies because of this. With understanding and his large intellect of his mom's previous career, he's hypothesized and mature the instructors are killing pupils for insurance cash. He became the the first choice of the pupils when Rikiya eliminated and was hurt from school, and beneath the the fact that Rikiya was killed, determined to direct the pupils that were remaining to escape.

Suicide Island Chapters

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