• Baby Steps

    Alternative: ベイビーステップ (Japanese); 網球優等生; 网球优等生 (Chinese); เบบี้ สเต็ป (Thai); Mga Hakbang ng Sanggol (Filipino)
  • Author(s): Kachiki Hikaru
  • Genres : Romance -  Slice of life -  Comedy -  Drama -  School life -  Shounen -  Sports
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 885.83 K
  • RATE:
    Baby Steps4 votes : 3.63 / 5

Baby Steps summary:

Eiichiro A first-year honor student, Maruo, one-day decides he's not happy with the way things lacks exercise and are. He determines to check it out and discovers a flyer for the Tennis Club. It immediately captivates him. With poor physical conditioning as well as no previous expertise, he embarks on a tennis journey using his smarts, commitment and work-ethic. He utilizes his nature that is built-in to come up with an incredibly tactical way of tennis, using notes on the habits and inclinations of his adversaries so enabling him to call their shots until they are made by them. Eiichiro Maruo, also also referred to as Eichan by his pals, is the chief protagonist of the show. He's an honor student who immediately became renowned for his scrupulous note taking in class. During his first-year of highschool, yet, he needed to discover a solution to work out and got right into a rut examining all the time. Her passion for tennis convinces him to try enjoying with it, when he meets a woman in the exact same year as him, Natsu. Like Natsu and their sempai Takuma, Eichan becomes an associate of a leading youth tennis program at Southern Tennis Club (STC). He is helped by his years of expertise in analyzing and taking notes in his course becoming a tennis player. His objective would be to eventually be a professional tennis player. Eichan and the developing connection of Natsu can also be an important element of the show.

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