• Koe no Katachi

    Alternative: 聲の形 (Japanese); 声之形 (Chinese); A Silent Voice; The Shape of Voice (English); La façon de parler (French); La forma de la voz (Spanish); Форма Голоса (Russian); รักไร้เสียง (Thai); Dáng Hình Thanh Âm (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV); Kształt twojego głosu (Polish); Koe no Kitachi
  • Author(s): Oima Yoshitoki
  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Drama -  School life -  Shounen -  Psychological
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 797.28 K
  • RATE:
    Koe no Katachi32 votes : 4.98 / 5

Koe no Katachi summary:

The storyline revolves around Shoya Ishida, a former delinquent who intimidated Shoko Nishimiya, his classmate that is deaf, along side his buddies back when he was in elementary-school. When Nishimiya transferred, all his friends and teachers turned against him, getting him isolated nicely into high-school to the stage he determines that there's no use in having friends. Having no strategies for the long run, Ishida even studies till he unexpectedly reunites with Nishimiya, who's still alone because of her shyness on committing suicide. Recognizing that both are suffering due to his previous sins, Ishida sets on a route of redemption by striving to reconnect Nishimiya with their previous classmates that Nishimiya never gets the occasion to befriend in the past, including Ishida's former comrade, Naoka Ueno, who holds a grudge against Nishimiya for "causing" Ishida's isolation; Miki Kawai, their narcissistic former class president; and Miyoko Sahara, a type girl who had been the sole one wanting to befriend Nishimiya years before. In addition they make new buddies in Tomohiro Nagatsuka, a likewise friendless fat lad who owes Ishida when his bicycle was stolen; Kawai's puppy love, and Satoshi Mashiba. The seven start to interact when Nagatsuka's strategy to make a picture to get a contest, which he intends to only contain Ishida and himself, brings the interest of Ueno, Kawai, Sahara, and Mashiba, with Ishida also encouraging Nishimiya to join the job. Through the entire filming, the seven encounter through struggles as well as their personal problems. There is also a falling-out when Ishida strives to isolate himself again by dissing the crew, leading to the tried suicide of Nishimiya as she believes that she causes all the issues. He is gravely injured by the effective actions to stop the suicide of Ishida; this affects another six beginning until he wakes up, while freezing the job to solve their issues. Once he recovers, Ishida finally finishes the picture, which, while a dead loss, has significantly helped him and his buddies and accommodates along with his movie crew. The seven return for the Coming of Age Day, years after their high-school graduation as well as their subsequent parting ways. By then, Ishida has lots of buddies and h AS quit blowing off individuals around him.

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