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  • Bunbu Ryoutou - Both the Literary and Military Arts

    Alternative: Bunbu Ryoutou - Saikyou Saichi no Sodatekata ; Battle of both military and academic prowess - how to become the strongest and wisest ; Bunbu Ryoutou ; Bunburyoutou: Saikyou Saichi no Sodatekata ; Both the Literary and Military Arts ; 文武両闘-最強才智の育て方-
  • Author(s): Kawamoto Homura -  Keyaki Uchiuchi
  • Genres : Drama -  School life -  Seinen -  Action -  Mature -  Sports -  Psychological
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 2.17 K
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Bunbu Ryoutou - Both the Literary and Military Arts summary:

Bunbu Ryoutou - Both the Literary and Military Arts manga summary: At Hagakure Academy, there is Bunbu Ryoutou - a competition of Martial Prowess and Scholarship. Kaori Arimajiki is terrible at this competition, dubbed the "Academy's Weakest One." Kaori was bullied by his fellow classmate and considering quitting the school. Kiwako Soushuin, a beautiful yet eccentric girl who is also a member of the Student Council, went to his house and "convinced" Kaori to take a last shot at another Bunbu Ryoutou, should Kaori win "You will be on track to become this Academy's Strongest One," said Kiwako. What plan does Kiwako have in mind? What kind of situation Kaori will get himself into?

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