• Black Haze

    Alternative: 블랙 헤이즈; Read Black Haze manga
  • Author(s): Yong Yong
  • Genres : Comedy -  Drama -  School life -  Fantasy -  Action -  Tragedy -  Supernatural
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 1.69 M
  • RATE:
    Black Haze7 votes : 3.93 / 5

Black Haze summary:

Black Haze follows the storyline a lad who takes a key, of Rood Chrishi -- he's truly the well-known Black Magician, [Strike], among the most youthful but most powerful wizards on the planet. Despite this, recently, the grasp of his organization's has just been delivering out him on assignments that are little, like orchestrating small payback schemes for customers and running errands. One day, the strong Duchess Dayner Artian, that has come to request because of his firm aid is encountered by Rood. Lidusis, her second boy, hasn't been fitting in well at college, therefore she'd enjoy Rood to assist out him. To achieve this, Rood should go under-cover as students in the famous school of Helios, in order to find out just why everyone else calls the son of an duke, a 'Monster'. Naturally, Rood shortly comes to understand that there's a great deal more going on at this unique college than meets the eye...

Black Haze Chapters

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