• Ajin

    Alternative: Получеловек; آجین: نیمه-انسان; هجين; 亚人; 亜人; 亞人 (漫畫); Ajin สายพันธุ์อมนุษย์; Ajin: Demi-Human; Á Nhân
  • Author(s): Miura Tsuina -  Sakurai Gamon
  • Genres : Drama -  Seinen -  Mystery -  Action -  Mature -  Supernatural -  Horror
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated :
  • Views : 408.72 K
  • RATE:
    Ajin2 votes : 5 / 5

Ajin summary:

Those who are resistant to death are called "Demi-humans". That day, Kei Nagai, a High school student, should have died in a traffic accident, but he comes back to life shortly after. In other words, Kei is a demi-human. Since then, Kei's world changes dramatically. Terrified and without knowing what is going on, Kei is saved by his friend, Kai. Together, they flee deep into a deserted mountain. Later, a group of demi-humans who are hostile against humans contact Kai… Who is he fighting against? Who should he side with? Other manga : + Yu-Gi-Oh Manga + Wolfsmund manga

Ajin Chapters

Time uploaded
Ajin: Chapter 625 months ago
Ajin: Chapter 616 months ago
Ajin: Chapter 608 months ago
Ajin: chapter 5910 months ago
Ajin: Chapter 5811 months ago
Ajin: Chapter 5711 months ago
Ajin: chapter 56one year ago
Ajin: chapter 55one year ago
Ajin: chapter 36one year ago
Ajin: chapter 29one year ago
Ajin: chapter 28one year ago
Ajin: chapter 27one year ago
Ajin: chapter 26one year ago
Ajin: chapter 24one year ago
Ajin: chapter 23one year ago
Ajin: chapter 22one year ago

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